Monday, February 26, 2007

This one wasn't so cool. It's a satellite that blew up on the launch pad (nobody got hurt). Not a recommended method of transport...

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Darwin Award Honorable Mention:
"A guy wanted to watch a football game without buying a ticket, so he ties a whole bunch of baloons filled with helium to a lawn chair. He ties a rope from his truck to the chair to keep it in place, and carries a pellet gun with him to shoot the baloons one at a time to control his descent. He gets in the chair, and unties the rope.
"The chair shoots up like a rocket to about 12,000 ft. The guy is petrified, and is afraid to shoot the baloons. An airline pilot sees him and calls the control tower (paraprase) "Tower, there's a guy in a chair headed your way with a rifle". After convincing the tower that it isn't a joke, they dispatch a helicopter to rescue the idiot."

- Still looking for pictures of this guy's rig...